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CPA Global

Rule Financial is a leading, independent provider of business consulting, IT and software services to banks and other major institutions worldwide.

Justin Richards explains why Rule Financial enlisted the help of co-create

Areas covered in this project:

Justin Richards
Head of Delivery Operations


The Problem

"During the past 11 years, Rule Financial has grown and expanded internationally to become a leading provider of consulting services to wholesale financial institutions in London, New York and Frankfurt.

An impact of this aggressive growth has been at times people feeling less engaged by the organisation.

Through conducting a people survey we felt that we needed to pay close attention to the following areas:  Communication, Mentoring, Career Mapping and our Leadership. 

The Solution

We hired co-create to enable us to:

  • Understand at a deeper level what peoples concerns were in each of these four areas. 
  • Develop a set of recommendations to enable us to grow our business through maximising the engagement and contribution of our people.
The Solution

Mark developed and faciliated four workshops for a represenatative sample of our people, by grades.  He was able to develop a climate of trust so that people felt able to freely express their views and also propose solutions.

Mark then delivered a report that contained his proposals together with the honest views of all the workshop participants.


The report gave senior management some new insights into the way staff felt about some of the issues that they had raised in the Staff Satisfaction Survey and most usefully some approaches to engaging with them and working towards solving the problems.

The impact of this work has been to create a series of task forces led by the Chief Executive and Senior Managers but with the participation and active involvement of a number of volunteers across the organisation. The result is that employees at all levels now feel that they are being listened to, that the management team are acting to address their concerns and that they now have full involvement in the process.  This is a first for an organisation that is growing and thus changing rapidly.


Working with Mark was inspirational – he is an excellent communicator and had the experience to guide us in setting up the focus groups in a way that would ensure that we obtained maximum value from the experience. Mark’s engaging personality and professional facilitation skills made the focus group participants feel secure enough to be able to express themselves. Mark guided the group into clearly identifying the issues and then work as a group to propose solutions."

Identification of the issues
(Communication, Mentoring, Career Mapping, Leadership)

reliance security

Exploration of the issues via the design & delivery of employee workshops

reliance security

Proposal of solutions

reliance security

Creation of Task Forces which
are resolving issues and improving levels of engagement

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