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CPA Global

CPA Global is a leading provider of outsourced legal support services and the world's top intellectual property management specialist.

Paul McGolpin explains why CPA Global chose to work with co-create to help develop the culture of the organisation at CPA Global.

Areas covered in this project:

Paul McGolpin
Commercial Director


The Problem

"Over recent years CPA Global has grown from a company employing 400 people to one in excess of 1200 staff, located in eight countries. We have achieved this growth through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

A consequence of this rapid growth has meant that the distinct cultures of the acquired companies have remained. This has lead in part to some silod working, with the result being more of a focus on particular product, team or country’s performance as opposed to effective delivery for CPA Global as a whole.

In addition to this, our five year strategy is to at least treble the number of people presently working at CPA Global, hit demanding sales targets and successfully diversify into brand new product areas.

In order to do this, we felt as though we needed to significantly develop CPA’s culture into one in which is ready to take on these challenges.

The Solution

CPA Global worked with co-create in identifying that the organisation needed a global set of values, implemented across the organisation, throughout all countries.

The Deliverables

Co-create worked with us at CPA Global to develop two programme objectives:

  • To enable CPA Global to have a consistent set of standards for how work is performed across its regional offices and with all of its global customers.
  • To enhance the sense of employee engagement across the business.
Co Design

Co-create lead a global, virtual team of eight senior managers from across our Indian, UK, USA and Australian offices. We specifically selected these high potential individuals to provide them with a great real-world practical learning opportunity which would also offer real business value.

The key deliverables Mark has achieved in leading this team has been to:

  • Develop a set of values which will enable us to meet our strategic objectives. Mark and his team conducted workshops across the world to obtain employee’s views as to what the new Global Values and associated behaviours should be (workshops were held in Paris, Munich, Delhi, Sydney, Washington, Minneapolis, Jersey and London).
  • Integrate these newly created values and behaviours into all of CPA Global’s organisational development processes (Performance Management, Reward and Recognition, Succession Management & Recruitment)
  • Create an employee engagement programme, specifically to reinforce behaviour which is aligned to the new values.
  • Offer real world, development opportunities to the project team.
Expected Payback

The values will become a key way in which people are managed. The successful adoption of our values into everything we do will, without doubt, enhance our effectiveness in meeting our strategic objectives.

The Experience

Working with Mark has been a really positive experience. I have found him to be professional, well organised and delivery-orientated. I have been impressed with how effectively he facilitates groups of people. He is clearly passionate about his subject and I'd be delighted to work with him again."

Example of merchandising to promote CPA Global's
new values throughout all regions.

People contributing their views as to what the
company values should be.