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CPA Global

CPA Global is a leading provider of outsourced legal support services and the world's top intellectual property management specialist.

Angela Spelman explains why CPA Global enlisted the help of co-create to develop their global orientation programme.

Areas covered in this project:

Angela Spelman
Global HR Director


The Problem

"Over the past three years, CPA Global has grown at a rapid rate and opened a number of new international offices. One effect of this growth was that employees were loosing track of what activities were taking place outside of their functional and geographic areas.

The Solution

We hired co-create to come in and design an engaging two-day programme which would outline to our employees the company vision, its entire product offering, our clients’ requirements and our people proposition.


For the programme to have sustainable impact, it was important to us that the programme was co-developed by our employees. To this end, Mark led a global, multi-functional team of managers from India, the USA and the UK in developing the programme.

Co-create identified that the way to get across to employees what our key managers from across the business did and what our customers expected was to interview them and capture on film their key messages. Mark managed this entire communication process.


Co-create concurrently rolled out the programme and trained up more than forty of our senior managers in our Indian, America, UK, French and German offices, so we would have the ongoing capability of delivering this programme internally.


The feedback from the pilots has been excellent and delegates have fed back that they now understand the entire company significantly better; they understand our client’s requirements and most importantly they feel significantly more motivated and engaged.

A measure of success is that we decided to roll out the programme to all employees at CPA Global, as the learning experience was seen as hugely beneficial to all, irrespective of people's level or position within the organisation.

The workforce is undoubtedly now more interconnected and has a greater sense of identity with the company.  Commercially, this had led to a significantly higher level of inter-regional collaboration on projects and has clearly enhanced our ability to cross-sell to our customers.


Working with Mark was great. He has an enthusiastic, open style and is very action orientated. He keeps his eye on the end result and is to be credited for his determination to keep things moving so that CPA Global could have their programme delivered on time.

He was able to grasp the complex nature of our business and develop a way to simplify it to all our people and make clear where they fitted into the overall operation."

Mark interviewing members of the senior executive team.

Mark interviewing John Collins, senior Partner,
Marks & Clark - CPA Global's largest client.

Exerts from the Global Orientation Workbook