We work one to one with individuals to maximise their effectiveness in the workplace.

Our coaching is effective and fast, using a number of methods including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

NLP is a set of psychological tools which teach you how to become more motivated and to communicate, lead, influence and persuade more easily and improve yourself in any area of life.

We work with people to help them achieve the following:

  • Increase their levels of motivation
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Increase people’s ability to lead and influence with greater impact
  • Develop greater levels of personal confidence
  • To significantly enhance their overall performance


Below are some recent client testimonials discussing both our approach and the tangible results our clients have brought back into the workplace as a result of the coaching.

Mahiar Borhanjoo

Executive Director of Sales, DTC, De Beers

"His ability to be able to allow us to look and see what we can do in ourselves to make ourselves much more effective was the best that I've seen out there in individual coaching and management coaching".

Mahiar discusses why he engaged the coaching services of Co-Create on behalf of the Sales team and shares the extent of the impact of this coaching both for himself and his team.

Howard Davies

Head of Commercial, DTC, De Beers

Howard discusses what has been the impact of the coaching on him and also the process that was used to achieve the desired results.

Rachel Callaghan

Senior Director, Business Services at Shopzilla

Rachel discusses the impact of Mark Edwards’s Coaching on the European Leadership Team and the experience of working with him personally.

Neil McCarthy

Senior Director B2B at Shopzilla

"Mark provided me with one to one coaching and provided training for myself and the rest of the European Leadership Team around how we can engage our staff and work more effectively together. Mark is very personable, direct and impactful. He gets quickly to the nub of issues and helped me to develop strategies to address problems. His input into team dynamics and cultural issues was particularly useful".

Karen Mattison MBE

Co-Founder and Director of Women Like Us

"I found our conversation incredibly helpful.

It was really interesting to stop and reflect and actually think and analyse how I add most value, what really motivates me and what my unique skills are so that I can ensure I spend most of my time doing those things (and working in those ways) which fall into these this categories.

I found it very useful to really hone down what my skills and contribution are.  One of the challenges of working part time is that you have to be even more disciplined with your contribution and I found both from our conversation and in subsequently reading your report it was very clear to me what I need to focus on doing. Thanks Mark".

Toby Cruse

Diamond Executive - Assortment Development and Distribution, De Beers Group

"Mark has the ability to form sincere bonds with people quickly, which is paramount in his capacity. He understands issues and quickly assimilates business cultures to help identify the root causes of issues and structure a plan accordingly. These skills enabled him to coach me effectively in creating a personal development plan, which is and has been far more effective than any I have had before. I valued the work Mark did greatly and would recommend his coaching, guidance and talent management expertise".

Paul Dooney

Technical Specialist, De Beers Group

"I found our sessions thought provoking, leading me to some ‘serious thinking time’ for the exploration of my own desires and motives.  Mark asked the right questions to kick these thoughts into gear, which is something that I would not have done on my own to the same degree. This will allow me to focus my attention on the areas I need to most in the short to medium term for my own career progression. Thanks again for your time and support, Mark".

Gregory Jooste

Diamond Sorting - South Africa, De Beers Group

"I found this process of putting together a PDP much more "taxing" then any previous times.  What made it challenging was the appropriateness of the questions on the purpose, action steps as well as the measurements; being a lot more specific and direct on these areas.

These development areas will assist me to be more effective in the jobs I have to do currently and in the near future.  I am looking forward to having the development discussion with my manager and finding ways to make it happen".

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