From this position, we are able to understand the context for the assignment and help to ensure that the work for which we are engaged, is aligned with other processes / initiatives to guarantee that we significantly help to meet your overall business objectives.

We can work with you on a short-term or interim basis, depending on the business need and the nature of the assignment.

Everything we offer is customised to meet your specific needs. We work with you to design tailored solutions that reflect the uniqueness of your organisation and your people.

Co-create's key areas:
  • Organisational Effectiveness
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Team Development
  • Effectiive Global Working
  • Internal Communication
  • Business Coaching
If you're aiming to create a high-performing and positive climate for teams and individuals to achieve success, we can work with you:

- Help define your Mission, Vision, Values and key Strategic deliverables (as illustrated by the Organisational Effectiveness Case Study at Reliance Security).
- Develop a programme of cultural change (as illustrated by the Organisational Change Case Study at CPA Global)
- Design and implement approaches to increase employee engagement (as illustrated by the employee engagement case study at Rule Financial)
- Develop and embed an effective Performance Management Process
- Develop a set of competencies which correlate with the business strategy
If you're looking to improve the capabilities of your people, we can work with you to:

- Identify and develop your key talent
- Design and run Development Centres
- Develop effective Leadership / Management Development Programmes (as illustrated by the Management Development Programme Case study at Hudson)
- Provide bespoke Business Development and Personal Effectiveness Learning and Development solutions
- Create more effective ways for learning to take place in your organisation - both formally and informally; real and virtual (as illustrated by the Learning and Development case study at De Beers).
- Offer effective coaching to key individuals
If you want high performing teams, we can co-develop effective solutions with you for:

- Team Building events for newly formed teams - accelerating teams through the most difficult and most important initial stages
- Team Effectiveness workshops - helping teams develop the strong relationships and mutual trust that sustain high performance, together with addressing practical issues affecting performance in more established teams.
If you are facing the challenges of being able to get the most productivity from a global workforce, we can work with you in helping your people to:

- Work more effectively across cultures, in matrixed international environments.
- Create and work towards a global set of values
- Work more effectively as part of a global team
- Feel as though they are working for one global organisation by ensuring the company's key processes, systems and structures provide consistent outputs, whilst being locally appropriate.
If you want people to receive critical messages about the company, we can help you convey these messages using a variety of communications media (as illustrated by the Global Orientation & Communication Programme Case Study at CPA Global)

- Specifically, we can help to work with your internal marketing people and / or external communication provider to:
- Capture the key messages from employees themselves, through scripting, videoing and editing of interviews.
- Develop a branding and targeted message to the programme, to run across both digital solutions and / or print based media.
If you want your people to maximise their contribution in the workplace we can work with them to:

- Increase their levels of motivation
- Develop effective communication skills
- Increase people’s ability to lead and influence with greater impact
- Develop greater levels of personal confidence
- Significantly enhance their overall performance
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Our Approach

There are a number of key success factors which we adhere to when working with our clients on all assignments.

We take the time to understand your business so that we can ensure that the assignment is clearly aligned with your strategic objectives and other processes / initiatives.

We work with you to ensure that we are gaining the commitment and engagement of everyone affected, through involving as many people as possible right from the beginning.

We ensure there is clarity from the outset of what is to be achieved and that sound project management principles are adhered to throughout the Planning, Execution and Implementation life cycle stages of the project.

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This is what you can typically look forward to when you choose Co-create to help you through an organisational or personal change programme.

Our journey together has a number of stages:

1. Understanding of the business context
2. Analysis of specific issues(s) to be addressed
3. Planning the change
4. Implementation and facilitation
5. Follow up

1.  Understanding of the business context
Co create’s assignments begin with understanding your company’s business goals.

From this position, we would ensure that you are able to understand both the context for the assignment and how the work for which we are engaged, has a clear linkage to your overall strategy.

We also ensure that the particlar assignment for which we are engaged is aligned with other processes / initiatives to guarantee that we significantly help to meet your overall business objectives.

2. Analysis of specific issues(s) to be addressed
We look in detail at both your desired outcomes and current situation. Only after this initial analysis can we identify the gaps between what is happening now and where you want to get to.

Before starting an assignment, we review with you in outline your current situation, the drivers for change, and what it is that you want to achieve. Co-create’s involvement can be tailored to your particular need at each stage, to meet your time commitments, budget and internal capability to deliver the desired result.

3. Planning the change
Planning incorporates project methodology as well as key cultural elements, to ensure that the desired results are embedded into your organisation. Typically there will be technical and cultural activity streams which need synchronizing.

To give an example, a technical activity stream might be a new Organisational Design.  Running in parallel will be the cultural elements e.g. two-way communication, addressing the concerns and needs of those involved, helping people to develop their behaviours as necessary, and ensuring the ongoing engagement of everyone involved.

4. Implementing and facilitation
It is important that you and your people own the changes you want to make. Our approach is to involve stakeholders in building the change so that their expertise can be utilised and that they have a high level of commitment to the end solution.

We work with you to manage the two-way communication process throughout the programme. We also ensure that blockages are dealt with, and that all associated systems and processes are in alignment with achieving the project goals.

We have access to a number of tools and frameworks which can be readily modified to meet your particular needs.

5. Following up
On an ongoing basis we monitor progress against identified success measures and ensure that desired results are established as the new norm. Co-create is happy to provide ongoing support to key individuals within your organisation. It usually takes practice and time for people to feel comfortable with their new way of operating.

Everything we offer is customised to meet your specific needs. We work with you to design tailored solutions which have broad support that reflect the uniqueness of your organisation and your people.


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