What it is
The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a powerful way of looking at human relationships that helps in building communication, trust, empathy and effective, productive relationships.

What it does
The SDI provides invaluable information on what motivates a person under two conditions: when everything is going well and when you are faced with conflict or opposition.

Whereas many other tools measure behaviour, the SDI goes beyond behaviour into the motivations and values that underlie those behaviours. By shifting our focus from only looking at behaviour to looking at the motive behind behaviour, we can learn how to recognise the real issues in relationships.

Organisational success depends upon the quality and effectiveness of the working relationships between people. Conflicts that arise between people in the workplace can damage a healthy work environment and affect productivity. By providing people with powerful insights into the motivation behind behaviour, the SDI helps build better relationships both personally and professionally.

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