The Team Management System, offers people shorthand for effective team communication: a common language to help explain and understand different approaches to work.

The conceptual framework, based around a set of distinctive, colourful models, offer a unique way in which to help individuals explore their roles, within the context of the team and the organisation. They focus on:

  • Personal preferences at work
  • The demands of particular jobs or roles within the team
  • Our ability to link and co-ordinate the work of the team
  • The creation and maintenance of high performing teams

The Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems takes both a psychological and sociological aspects of teamwork and combines them into a cognitive “map” which can help managers to understand their teams better, giving them a tool to improve team performance.

Drs Margerison and McCann show that people have particular work preferences that relate to the roles they play in a team. A knowledge of these roles and their relationships to individual work preferences is essential if the team is to become a high performing one.

In the TMS Model, people’s work preferences within a team can be grouped as follows:

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